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Ponúkame produkty a riešenia pre rozvody energie v obytnom, komerčnom aj priemyselnom sektore.

Hlavné výhody a vlastnosti produktu

  • Ideálne riešenie pre distribúciu elektrickej energie
  • Plánovanie a špecifikácia elektroinštalácie s programom SchrackDesign
  • Jednoduché a rýchle dodanie

Product overview

A helpful tool available for you

Easy & reliable planning of distribution enclosures: Schrack Design helps with the planning and delivers the required proof of documents.

Schrack Design

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Additional product details

As we know, life without the supply of electrical power is unthinkable today. Without electricity, there can be no heating, cooking or communication. Without electricity, gas, pellet, oil or geothermal heating does not work either. Water supply or cooking or cooling our food is equally impossible.

When it comes to electrical installations, people today assume that they won't have to make any major changes for at least the next 25 years. However, this also means that this must be taken into account and considered when planning, specifying, and installing a distribution board. Also, the documentation provided is meant to keep you safe. Schrack Technik offers Schrack Design, a solution which gives you peace of mind when planning, specifying, and documenting the distribution board according to applicable standards.